How does a carpet finish your interior?

 How makes a carpet your interior off? 

Choosing the perfect rug can be tricky. A rug can be used as a statement piece or simply as an accessory in the house. A rug often provides a warm and cozy appearance. But pay attention to the size, shape, colors and design of a rug. Of course it all depends on what kind of interior you have and what your wishes are. Below we give some tips to finish your interior by means of a rug.


The correct measure
A rug that is too large can make your room appear smaller. But on the other hand, a small carpet can give a bit of a lost impression. That is why it is wise to choose a rug that is about two feet shorter than the shortest side of the room where you want to place a rug. Don't forget to take your doors into account, you don't want to prevent your doors from opening properly because of your carpet.


Rug select
When you have a large space at your disposal, you can choose to create an island. All furniture, such as the sofa and coffee table, is placed on the carpet. You do need to purchase a large rug for this, as there must be enough space between the furniture. You can also split the space in two by placing two different rugs. This also creates a playful effect in the large space.


High or low carpet
Long pile rugs are perfect for your living room or bedroom. These rugs have a warm and soft appearance. If you want to create a tougher look, you can go for soft lamb skins. These are also super soft and are just a bit tougher than a long pile rug. But you also have low-pile rugs, which are a bit tighter and more modern. Most patterned rugs are often low pile rugs. An advantage of low pile rugs is that you can easily keep them clean, so they are perfect for a hall, kitchen or dining room.


The perfect material for a rug in the dining room and kitchen is cotton. You can easily wash a cotton rug in the washing machine for when food is accidentally spilled on it. In addition to a cotton rug, a vegetable fiber rug is also easy and quick to clean with a sponge. For the hall I will recommend that you go for a rug with synthetic fibers or polypropylene. This is dirt-resistant and easy to clean. For the living room or bedroom, I would recommend that you go for a thick and soft carpet. This feels good on the feet and creates a warm appearance.


Carpets from Makssoo
The Makssoo range consists of 90% machine-woven carpets and 10% manual labor. We have a wide range in different materials and design, so there is something for everyone. You get free shipping with us if you spend more than 100 euros. You can easily pay with us via Ideal. And for questions you can always contact


Our customer service. We are happy to help you choose a perfect rug.

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