Why choose a carpet?

 Why select in front of a carpet?

There are many advantages to purchasing a carpet. A carpet is a soft floor that provides a luxurious look and comfort. But it also has many more advantages.


Choices to make
Carpet is one of the most versatile floor coverings available. This is mainly because there is a large choice in materials, colors and designs. At Makssoo we offer different types of rugs, and we have a wide range in different designs. But it can be difficult to decide what type of carpet you need. By using our filter system you can easily filter on our offer, so you can quickly make a choice. If you have small children, we will advise against going for a light color carpet.


Perfect unit
A rug can provide a perfect unity within your interior. You can place a rug under a piece of furniture, this will connect it to each other and make it a coherent whole. A rug can of course also be placed in front of furniture, in which case the rug has less influence on the interior. Often a rug also brings luxury to your home. Most rugs have a square and rectangular shape, but you can of course also go for a round rug. This creates a unique look in your interior.


A carpet is acoustic, but now you can think what do they mean by that? But a carpet can absorb many sounds, while wooden floors in particular reflect these sounds. So if you are bothered by noises in your house, it is wise to purchase a rug. By choosing a thick carpet, you will have even less trouble with noise pollution. The fact is that the thickness of your carpet influences the insulation of the sound. If you want to dampen the sound even more, you can choose to go for an underlay.


Yummy On you feet
A rug feels nice and warm on your feet and is soft. A rug feels nice and warm, because it retains heat. So if you suffer from a cold wooden floor, it is best to put a rug to create warmth at your feet. You can of course also choose to install underfloor heating, but this costs more energy. A rug is a perfect solution to keep your energy bill low.


Easy to to replace
A wooden floor is difficult to replace, but a carpet is not. Your taste may change over the years, making it easy to purchase a new rug. Buying a new carpet is cheaper than installing a new floor. At Makssoo you can purchase carpets for a nice price. For example, buying a new carpet is very easy and affordable.
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